Starvation Mode With Exercise

Question: I said that very little when I ate my body in starvation mode will be to protect, it comes to my weight loss will slow down. This is true and how avoid starvation mode?Answer: Several weight loss coach use of starvation of the term, to protect the natural reaction of your body, if not extended enough to describe food. If we understand that the nutrients required to provide regularly starvation mode with exercise eat, with little food, your body will be in danger of starvation. Because your body is beautifully designed to protect you, slows your metabolism to conserve energy that will as much as possible the threat of vital organs such as the brain and heart can contain. While you will burn fat for fuel, fuel began to muscle burning, as the slower metabolism. Without exception, find people of hunger that they yet especially the weight they have lost (and some) plans very quickly, as soon as you start to eat again. While a hunger for fast weight loss diet can help in the short term, nor has a high price, because it is set for a lifetime of weight problems. Metabolism is slowing down gradually with each day that passes, with a stay of near-starvation diet the. Less fuel needs this slower metabolism resulting, why eat you who always less to lose weight! Because your metabolism has declined even more and reduces lean muscle mass, you will also find that become more and more tired. This means that you have an even slower metabolism and decreased movement, leaving you with less muscle mass. It is a vicious circle. The importance of protecting your muscle mass to increase your metabolism can focus enough. The question arises: what is your body into starvation mode? As in everything which affects the human body, entering not only a response, which is valid for all. The levels in which hunger start mode, vary from one person to another. What we can do is to find a way to keep so you can still keep our body in this State. To eat the need of the quanta of energy daily decision to that based on their total individual should take into account a variety of factors, including height, weight, age, sex and activity level. If you lose weight safely, alarm uncredited bells in your body that you want. You want to about 300-500 calories less that eat your total daily needs. This gives your body enough fuel, keep easily, but creates a sufficient caloric intake to ensure that even lose weight. To further protect your metabolism, make sure that your diet contains enough protein and maintain or increase their level of activity. Note please. You will see that many experts recommend no less than 200 calories per starvation mode day to avoid eating. It is a rule that in the absence of sufficient information to recommend. Without a doubt, you need total daily energy calculated their individual and follow the tips mentioned above,. .