Starvation Mode When Dieting

Question: I have learned that if as little, my body in starvation mode goes to protect yourself and slow down my weight loss. This is true and how can I avoid starvation mode?Answer: weight loss coach that many use the term to protect starvation mode, the natural reaction of the body, if you do not have a sufficient to describe long-term food. If you regularly enough to provide the necessary nutrients, foods, the body feels that it is also in danger of being hungry. Since his body is beautifully designed to protect, is slow to save your energy metabolism, so the organs such as the brain and heart can be kept out as much as possible against the perceived threat. While you will burn fat for fuel, the fuel begins burning muscle, that slower metabolism. When people hunger diets lead to eating all the lost weight (and some) very quickly, as soon as they begin, again. Help during a near-starvation diet slimming fast enough in the short term, it has a high price because it is preparing for a lifetime of weight problems. The metabolism is progressively slower with each passing day, that fit on a near-starvation diet. This slow metabolism that requires less fuel, so it must eat more, lose less weight! Because your metabolism slows and muscle mass, reduced mass more tired. This means you have less movement, which leaves you with less muscle mass and a slower metabolism. It is a vicious circle. The importance of protecting your muscle mass to stimulate your metabolism can not emphasis enough. The question arises: where will your body in starvation mode? Like everything involving the human body, there is a single answer that applies to everyone. Levels of fame game mode takes place varies from one person to another. What we can do is figure out how to stand so you can always keep our body in this State. Its decision, which must be based on the total daily energy needs of individual restaurants, takes into account various factors, including height, weight, age, gender and level. If you lose weight safely without the alarm goes off in your body that would have been. Goal is to eat about 300-500 calories less than the starvation mode when dieting entire daily needs. This is enough fuel to keep your body comfortably, but still provide sufficient calorie deficit to lose weight. To further protect your metabolism, make sure your diet includes enough protein and care/increase your business. Please note. You will find that many experts recommend no less than 200 calories per meal day starvation mode 1. This is a rule only in the absence of sufficient information to recommend. For added security, your individual total daily energy needs determined and follow the suggestions mentioned above. .