Starvation Mode Weight Gain Is Pseudoscience

Weight loss reduces the caloric restriction of metabolism1, because the body more efficiently, the fewer calories for survival will require necessary daily tasks. This can be slow (but not) should therefore rate of weight loss. This is the case when a person 2 needed. 2000 calories a day to maintain your weight by reducing the consumption of 1 500 calories, provided that the exercise remains the same, you must specify a 1 pound weight loss per week (Note: 1 pound 500 calories weight corresponds to about 3). In addition, reduce you to 1 000 calories should lead that a weight loss of 2 pounds per week and up to 500 calories per day should a weight loss of 3 pounds per week. However, if a person has actually reduced consumption by 500 calories, reduces probably not a constant 3 pounds per week because the weight metabolic rate. It would be probably around 2.25 to 2.5 pounds. These lower expected that the rate of weight loss weight loss, not as suggested by the concept of starvation mode is very different. It is not clear about the starvation mode weight gain is pseudoscience relationship between reduced calorie intake and a lower metabolism follows the straight path or is more pronounced on the caloric reduction. Some studies showed no significant reduction of metabolism that caloric restriction is large enough (E.g. 800 calories or less per day). other 2 suggests that a linear relationship with small cuts in the metabolism of small cuts in the company of caloric restriction with calorie-to-deficit ratio increase is extended. Although there are no biological evidence for the myth of the starvation mode support, may reasons for the behavior of the weight loss stops when calories are reduced. Excessive calorie intake known refers to as high dietary restriction periods of overeating, weight-loss success more difficult. 3 (for more information on the diet, limiting, flexible clamping device read the article at the Science Center, published capacities). Metabolism is not displayed according to weight LossThe that good news is that once you have achieved the goal of weight loss and weight has stabilized, that the dive in the metabolism is permanent. There are several rigorous studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has shown that the metabolism refers to himself on the degree to which sustainable weight loss, the theory that a reduced metabolism helps to explain the widespread phenomenon, 4 found weight after weight loss provided by update. Weight watchers, which are supposed to provide a caloric intake PointsPlus system approach that supports a healthy rate of weight loss, is a minimal reduction of metabolism and prevents induce high dietary restriction. This content is checked regularly. Last updated December 17, 2011. See weight loss FootnotesRELATED Geoscientifiquesautres library science topic calories, metabolism and weight LossIncreasing MetabolismFOOTNOTES1 and Saltzman, Roberts SB plateau. The role of energy in the regulation of energy consumption: the results of a decade of research. NUTR Rev. 53 1995: 209 - 220. Burgess 2 NS. Effect very low-calorie diet on body composition and metabolism in overweight men and women. The diet Assoc J. April 1991; 4: 430-4-3 Rogers PJ. Dietary habits and appetite control: a Psicobiológica perspective. Proc Nutr SOC 1999 Feb; 01 59-67 be 4 Weinsier RL, Nagy TR, Hunter GR Darnell Hensrud DD, white HL. Promote Adaptive changes in metabolism reduced weight weight gain in humans? An overview of the theory of value. Am j Clin Nutr 2000 Nov; 5: 1088-94,,