Starvation Mode After Gastric Sleeve

DISCUSSIONMorbid obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. About 200000 of Bariatric surgeries are performed each year, but only scratched the surface. RNYGB laparoscopic more frequent and widespread, complications are rare appear more often. SMA syndrome belongs to these complications, as it is shown in our series of cases. The prevalence in our series of patients with gastric bypass is 0. 17%, similar to the published prevalence 0. 6%. 1SMA-Syndrome was originally described in 1842 by Rokitansky. in the past, was seen 2 particularly in patients dramatic weight loss, usually secondary to physiological stress. He suffers hunger, immobilization of scoliosis, Burns, with models of bodies and anorexia. Rapid weight loss can now be added to starvation mode after gastric sleeve the RNYGB to this list. 3 that the symptoms are aggravated by food and nausea, epigastric pain. Signals are a distal stomach, a full third of the duodenum and a decrease in the angle of the boom of the ADM of the aorta. Normal Aortomesenteric angle is 25 degrees to 60 degrees and the standard distance from the aorta ADM through the third part of the duodenum is from 10 mm to 28 mm. A decrease in diameter of less than 8 mm duodenum or decrease is indicative of ADM at an angle of 6 degrees to 15 degrees. 4 Plain radiographs and GI series superior feature usually not diagnostic. You can show a distal stomach dilation or dilatation of the first and the second part of the duodenum. The measurements of the gastrointestinal tract can replicate pared-TC tomography and specific views. Abu Nootka and al1 Aortomesenteric distance, suggests,.